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I'm about enabling the transfer of information so people can use it to improve their lives. Making things findable, teaching others how to find what they need, dissemination of information, and exposing information — these are all things I am passionate about.

Fun Facts about VJ

  • Education:

    • I hold an MS Library & Information Science from the University of Illinois, earned as part of the Online Graduate Education (LEEP) program while working full-time
    • I hold a BA in Creative Writing from the University of Michigan, where I won a Underclassman Hopwood Award for Essay (Non-Fiction Writing)
    • Other classwork:

      • desktop publishing classwork - Portland State University
      • GIS graduate classwork - Portland State University
      • most of the Multimedia certificate program - Portland Community College
      • Conversational Spanish - Portland Community College
  • Employment & Volunteer Experience:

    • I volunteer as a reference librarian for an online reference site
    • I volunteer as a recipe indexer for an online Recipe Index Resource
    • I use my extensive MS Office suite skills, editing and design skills to create mail-merges, edit spreadsheets, and creating emailed newsletters as a volunteer at local alternative radio station
    • I worked as a Web Coordinator at local alternative radio station
    • For the last 20 years, off and on, I have volunteered as a Technohost, a Branch Assistant, and a Computer Lab Assistant for a local County Public Library
    • I volunteered as an editor for a Continuing education network for library staff in the Pacific Northwest
    • I worked as a Web Services Librarian for a Public Library Cooperative, creating and editing content and multimedia
    • I did the longest running non-commercial online guide to Portland, altPortland
    • I volunteered as a Metadata Librarian for a local County Public Library
    • I worked as a Web administrator at an Educational Non-Profit
    • I have 18 years of experience in Web administration
      • HTML
      • CSS
      • image processing using Photoshop
      • PHP
      • MySQL
      • Unix command line
      • CMS usage & administration using Drupal, Movable Type, WordPress, Community Servers, and Blogger
    • I am all about wayfinding and findability, the process of getting from here to there, because the process and the experience are very important
    • Past jobs:
      • Webmaster
      • Home Economics Secretary
      • Marketing Associate
      • File Clerk
      • Approvals Clerk
      • Author Authority Clerk
      • Hot Dog stand manager
      • waitress
      • music reviewer
      • hand book binder
      • cab driver
    • I live in Portland, Oregon
    • contact me at -vickijean-at=gmail=dot=com-

Contact VJ

VJ Beauchamp
Portland, OR